Secure GWs
of Renewable Energy

Bringing your data centers to the farm with our patented green energy loop technology.

Off Grid. High Energy Efficiency. Net Zero Carbon.

We extract biogas from waste to
Secure Green Energy.

The climate and energy stakes we are all facing are the greatest challenges of our generation.
Cloud computing is everywhere, so is your infrastructures. At Datafarm we think "system", which is why we decided to combine the best of waste management and the best of power & cooling technologies to create negative carbon, resilient, autonomous and efficient infrastructures that can be deployed on demand, closer to your needs.

The right energy

Our technology is using biogas from biowaste to create all the streams of energy a data center demands. Cheaper and Greener.

The right spot

Thanks to our Ai Sourcing System, you can find the perfect spot to deploy your infrastructures. Select your Energy requirement, the required surface, the required bandwidth and let the magic happen.

The right way

Our innovation is compliant with every safety ISO certification from hardware to software. Our Green Energy supply and our internet network design are 100% resilient and redundant. 

Energy as a service

Finding the next right spot for your Cloud Computing Service has never been easier.

Are you looking for new locations?

We identify for you the best areas to deploy your servers according to energy capacities, network capacities and geographical constraints.

We then install our green technology to power, cool and offset your facility's greenhouse gas emissions.

That's it! Your installations are self-sufficient in green energy.

Calling all the innovators

Join our Green Energy & Data Hubs.


First, our Ai identifies the best locations all accross Europe to guarantee you the best level of services.


Then, we install all the necessary equipment to deliver you a facility ready to host your servers.


Our hubs were designed to be interconnected and are now ready for use. It's time to deploy your customers there.


Finally, let the circularity of our model operate to provide you the only fully decarbonized data in the world.

Let's find your next spot!

Control & reduce your energy costs

Our technology enables our clients to smash their energy costs. Power Usage Efficiency is the core of our efforts to make Data a carbon negative industry. Our first Hubs provide a 1.05 P.U.E and we are on our road to 0.9 ! World breaking. 

SNAPSHOTS from a simulated dashboard
SNAPSHOTS from a simulated dashboard

Let your client regain control of their critical data

Have you heard the word "Sovereignty" except from a Game Of Thrones episode? Ok, so you know how critical it is to keep your sensible data in a private and secured environment. With Datafarm you go local.

Scale and get closer to your business

The greatest barriers to develop a cloud computing empire are finding reliable and cheap energy sources near to strategic locations. We've tackled these barriers. So tell us where you want to grow and we'll make it happen.

SNAPSHOTS from a simulated dashboard
SNAPSHOTS from a simulated dashboard

The only zero carbon Tier IV technology

Our Tier III / IV tech is compliant with ISO 27100 & 50001 certifications and bank / military grade. Our Infrastructure team have proven track records with the French Security Agency of Informations Systems specialized in CyberSecurtiy and Risk management. In addition, our energy redundancy system is also fully decarbonized.

SNAPSHOTS from a simulated dashboard

Be proud of your carbon negative Cloud computing service

Save up to 400 tons of CO2 per rack per year and be compliant with your clients and employees aspirations thanks to our technology based on heat dispersion, waste and energy management.

You hold the world in your hands

We believe that great companies
shape a greater world.


Datafarm isn't a "Business-as-Usual" company. Choosing Datafarm is paving the way to reshape circular and green IT infrastructures models. Better for your footprint, better for the planet and better for our societies. Waste management, autonomous power supply, green house gases reduction. Be a pionneer in your industry with us.


Understanding the need to change our energy model is not only a way to differenciate our company from the others. 
The evolution of our civilization and global warming push us to create the networks (energy, water, food...) of tomorrow as humans for humans. Be a part of this change with us. 

Up to

For Business Unit with a
specific need or SMBs climbing the scale ladder

Up to

For Large Companies which
want to give a try before going
to Orchestra

Custom Configuration

A custom-made plan, tailored to your business’ needs

Up to 100m²
Up to 400m²
Up to 1200m²
N+1 / 2N 
N+1 / 2N
N+1 / 2N
Military / Bank Graded
Military / Bank Graded
Military / Bank Graded
IS0 27100 - 50001
IS0 27100 - 50001
IS0 27100 - 50001
Uptime & SLA
Up to 99,9998
Up to 99,9998
Up to 99,9998
Power & Connectivity
High density
Dark Fiber
1 or 2
1 or 2
1 or 2
Low Latency & Reslience
Redudant & Carbon free
Redudant & Carbon free
Redudant & Carbon free
CO2 Compensation
Remote & Smart Hands
On-Site Services
Green Energy & Data Hub
Racks per hubs
Suites from 16m² to 1200m²
Resilient & Redundant Design
Military grade Materials & Equipments
Tier III - ISO 27100 & 50001
High density
Low latency
Custom Remote & On-site services
CO2 Compensation
Ready to transform the Cloud computing market with us?
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